Owner pretends to be crying just to see how her horse would react – And it is incredibly beautiful

Animals can be so empathetic that it's almost unbelievable!


Those who are convinced that animals are emotionless creatures whose behavior is only driven by the desire to find food are very much mistaken. Every dog owner will tell you how their four-legged pals get overly excited when the humans get home and offer support when their owners feel down.

However, canines aren’t the only creatures who possess the ability to feel happiness, sadness, or show empathy. Among the animals known to be very emotional are the magnificent horses. They are not often kept as pets, except by farmers, but those who have ever had the chance to be around horses know just how special they are.

One horse owner decided to see what will happen if her horse see her crying. She turned her camera on and then sat down with her legs crossed and made a noise as though she was crying. At first, her horse didn’t notice her, but once he heard the whimpering, he picked a piece of hay with his mouth and gave it to her.

Well, hay makes horses happy, so this elegant stallion believed that treating his sad owner with some will make her happy too.

The video is too cute to handle. Check it out below and don’t forget to share it with your friends.