Owner films the moment German Shepherd realizes he’s at the vet and not the dog park

Enzo had been enjoying his car ride with the expectation that he was simply going to the dog park like usual. But as the roads began to look depressingly familiar, he realized where he was really going...


Imagine what life would be like if dogs could speak our language. Awesome, I guess. But the thing is that even though they don’t use actual words, these four-legged animals are incredible communicators who can easily show the love they have for their humans.

Over time, they do learn the meaning of certain words, such as walk, the park, and din dins, and they act accordingly. It’s not unusual for a dog to jump and rush towards the door once they hear the work walkie. They get excited right a way and can’t wait to leave the house.

Well, the same happens when they hear words they are not fond of, such as ‘the vet,’ but this time, they get anxious and unwilling to get out of bed instead.

So why don’t dogs love the vet visits at all? The truth is that those experiences are often pretty unpleasant. From getting poked and prodded by needles, to having their claws clipped away, they simply hate it being exposed to such things. Another thing dogs probably find discomforting is the fact that the vet’s office is always crowded with different animals that are as anxious and a lot of different smiles that can easily trigger a sensory overload.

A German Shepherd named Enzo was looking forward to a fun time with his human parents. During the ride, he was in a good mood, but that was until he recognized a familiar route, the one to the vet’s. Once at the parking place, he became completely aware he wasn’t going to have the fun he expected.

His reaction is priceless and we are glad it was caught on tape.

The disappointment that comes with the fact that he was tricked could be seen by his movements. He just goes from one window to another as though he can’t believe where his parents took him.

The video below is definitely a must watch. Poor Enzo, we truly hope his time at the vet’s wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be.

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