Owner believes dog is riddles with bug bites, soon realizes they are bullet holes

Poor boy!


They were no ordinary marks…

Hayden Howard, the owner of a beautiful English Mastiff named Jackson, was left puzzled when she noticed strange marks on the dog’s body. After a thorough examination, the only logical explanation she could come up with was that her baby was covered in bug bites.

“I wasn’t sure what (the holes) were, so I googled it, and it said something about botfly,” Howard remarked.

However, in order to be sure, she took Jackson to the vet. There, she learned the horrific truth. The poor dog was shot with a BB gun 27 times. The culprit shot Jackson while he was staying in his fenced backyard, 400 Vehslage Road.

Source: YouTube/NEWS usToday

The vet was able to successfully extract 20 BB pellets and 7 gunshot bullets out of Jackson’s body. He said the shooting took place from a close range and Jackson was lucky he survived the gruesome attack.

Source: YouTube/NEWS usToday

“It just baffles me that someone would want to do that to him. He’s not a vicious dog. He’s lovable and just lays there in the backyard. No one has ever come to me with a problem about him. He’s always been shy, even around me,” Howard said.

“He had one under his eyelid, and he could have been blinded,” she recalled tearfully.

Jackson was given a handful of medications to help him with the injuries and the pain.

Source: YouTube/NEWS usToday

Howard offered a $500 reward for any information that could lead to the horrible person who hurt her baby.

Shortly after the incident, the police arrested 44-year-old Tim Woodard for drug possessions of meth, paraphernalia and marijuana. They also linked him to the shooting of Jackson.

We are so glad the man responsible of hurting Jackson will get his punishment.

You can take a look at the entire story in the video below.