School officer makes eye contact then grabs teen before it’s too late

She is very lucky he was there!


Police officer Roger Caron is one of those people who never stop doing what they do best, and in his case that’s making sure everyone around him is perfectly safe and sound. Although he retired from the force nearly 30 years ago, he still spends his days as a safety and security officer at the Pascack Hills High School.

All the kids know him very well and feel secure whenever he is around. They know they can count on him if they come across any problem.


He pays attention to every student and prevents any bullying or fighting, and never lets anything gets out of his hands.


This past April, while officer Caron was on his job, one girl’s behavior caught his attention. He could see she was walking in a strange manner and suspected something was wrong.

“She was stumbling a little, moving very quickly,” he told CBS New York.
The closer I got to her, I realized there was a problem.”

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17-year-old Sarah was rushing to class, trying to finish her sandwich while on the run, when a french fry got stuck in her throat. She tried taking it out, but in vain. The girl was choking and she couldn’t do anything to save herself.

“Every step I took, I got very weak,” she said.
After a couple of seconds, I felt myself fading.”

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Luckily, officer Caron acted quickly and approached young Sarah whose face had turned blue by the time he came closer. He is trained to help in situations like this and knew exactly what he needed to do. He gave her a few thrusts using the Heimlich maneuver.

A couple of seconds later, the french fry came dislodged and Sarah could breath again. Everyone who witnessed the amazing scene said officer Caron did something truly incredible and saved the girl’s life. According to, Montvale Mayor Mike Ghassali described the incident as an

“excellent job by hero Special Law Enforcement Officer II Roger Caron.”

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Officer Caron however believes he was only doing his job: “It’s a wonderful feeling to know you can help somebody, and that’s what I took away from this.”

Sarah however, says he will always be her hero.

“There’s such a special bond I have with him now. He’s a hero,” she told CBS New York.

She has always dreamed of becoming an officer and what happened only strengthened her desire to pursue a career in the police forces and study criminal justice.

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Chocking is more common that we assume and being able to act accordingly when someone is chocking is crucial for saving the person’s life.

Below are the steps of the Heimlich maneuver:

  1. If someone can cough, speak or breathe, encourage them to continue trying to cough out the item. If they cannot cough, speak or breathe, move on to step 2.
  2. Stand behind victim with one leg forward between their legs.
  3. Reach around the stomach to locate their belly button
  4. Place the thumb side of your fist against the person’s stomach just about the belly button.
  5. Grab your first with your other hand and thrust inward and upward into the stomach using quick jerks.
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Take a look at the moment of rescue!

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Source: CBS New York