Nobody recognizes her now – After her son’s passing terrible days followed for the great actress

Nobody recognizes her now! After losing her son, terrible days followed for the great actress, and the suffering left deep marks on her face.


Building a career in the world of film and reaching stardom didn’t come easy for actress Linda Gray, who portrayed the legendary role of Sue Ellen Ewing in the hit show Dallas.

In fact, this woman’s life has been filled with both excitement and a number of obstacles, as well as a personal tragedy that changed her forever.

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Raised in Culver City, California, Linda was given the chance to spend a bunch of time around the filming studios and it was something she loved. At the same time, she imagined herself working at those places and that’s how she knew she wanted to become an actress.

Linda’s father was a cold person, but he always supported her dreams. Her mother on the other hand was a heavy alcoholic who was under the influence most of the time.

Not surprisingly, Linda didn’t have it easy growing up around her mom.

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After starring in commercials and landing minor roles, Linda finally got her big breakthrough with the classic TV series Dallas. She appeared in total of 308 episodes and played alongside Larry Hagman and Patrick Duffy.

Linda, who is a recipient of two Golden Globe Awards and a Primetime Emmy Award, went through a personal tragedy in 2020 when she lost her son Jeff Thrasher, who followed into her footsteps and opted for a career in the film industry where he worked as a director and producer. His most recent project was The Junior Chef Showdown, a Canadian reality cooking competition television series, which premiered in 2020 on Food Network Canada.

Among the rest, Jeff worked on the production of the shows The Amazing Race Canada and Canada’s Smartest Person. He directed Furze World Wonders in 2017.

Linda had a hard time coping with the loss. Shortly after his passing, she posted a tribute on the social media, writing, “A celebration of my son Jeff’s life. He was the kindest, funniest, sweetest human being….. he brought the world such love and was loved by everyone! May his journey be a magical one.”

Ever since Jeff’s passing, she wasn’t seen in the public often. Recently, however, she was spotted walking a cart with her glasses on and a visibly aged face. It is obvious that the tragedy took its toll when it comes to how she feels and looks like.

Linda, who will be 82 this year, lives a quiet life in the Valencia suburbs of California, where she owns a farm.

We are so very sorry for Linda Gray’s loss.

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