No One Imagined Stray On Death’s Door Could’ve Ended Up So Gorgeous

Skye was immediately placed on the euthanasia list at a local shelter, but then someone decided to give her a chance.


Skye was only one year old when animal control officers took her off the streets of Palm Valley, Texas. The emaciated Husky mix was left to fend for herself and was in need of some serious medical assistance. However, instead of rushing her to the vet’s, the officers brought her to a high kill-shelter. 

There, she was immediately placed on the list to be euthanized. Shelters like these have no enough funds to take proper care of the animals that come to them, so they put them down, especially those who suffer from serious medical conditions.

The staff, however, though Skye deserved a chance as they could see sparkles in her eyes. She wanted to live and they were willing to do their best to make that happen. What the kind-hearted people from the shelter did next was to contact the Rescue Dogs Rock NY and ask whether they could take Skye in and pay for her treatments. 

Luckily, they said yes and that’s when Skye got her second chance to live. Now, after she was treated for her mange and the tick-borne disease, all they needed to do was to find her a foster home. 

The first family that took her in helped her recover completely, and Skye was later placed in another foster home. The great news came when her foster parents decided to give her a permanent home. 

The New York woman knew Skye would fit in just perfectly. She’s great with small children and other dogs, and it was all this family asked for in a dog. 

The transformation of Skye is incredible. She doesn’t resemble that scared and sick dog any more. Her fur grew back and it’s whiter than ever. 

People looking at her before and after photos have hard time believing it’s the same dog. She turned into a gorgeous animal thanks to all the good people involved in her rescue and recovery. 

Next time when you see unhealthy stray on the streets think of Skye and know other dogs can have the same fate as her. All we need to do is give them love.