Newborn baby’s heart stops, then mother sees Jesus before miracle takes place

Doctors sedated and intubated her, but soon after the intubation, Gabriella’s heart stopped. What happened next was a miracle


The power of prayer should never be underestimated. Even during the toughest of times when we believe that there is no way out, the trust that God has our back can do wonders.

Hayley Oliveri and her husband Nathaniel witnessed a miracle taking place right in front of their eyes because they never lost faith that things would get right.

When their baby daughter Gabriella was born, they were over the moon. Their hearts were filled with joy and they couldn’t wait to hold their bundle of joy in their arms.

“When Hayley was in labor, the nurses kept commenting on how peaceful we were — they weren’t used to that. And then I would pray for her, and they definitely weren’t used to that,” Nathaniel said.

Baby Gabriella looked perfectly healthy. Unfortunately, just 30 minutes into the world, she suddenly experienced breathing problems and doctors needed to put her on oxygen support.

Sadly, things didn’t look bright. In order to help maintain the necessary oxygen levels, Gabriella needed to be sedated and intubated. But just as they did that, her heart stopped.

Doctors and nurses feared for the girl’s life and thought they lost her, but her parents stayed calm. Instead of crying and panicking, Hayley and Nathaniel held hands and united in prayer while doctors performed CPR on their girl. Their midwife Amy Plowman prayed along with them.

At that moment, Hayley claimed she had a vision of a figure that resembled Jesus Christ entering the room. She could clearly see Him placing his hand on Gabriella’s tiny body. What followed stunned everyone in the room. The baby girl regained her pulse and started breathing again.

These parents’ prayers were answered. After four long minutes, Gabriella was there again, and she was there to stay with her mom and dad who never lost hope nor faith.

Things like this are hard to be explained by the scientists. Even they dub them miracles.

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