National guard soldier escorts kindergartner to her father-daughter dance

It was a bittersweet moment this girl will remember and cherish for a very long time.


Deep down, every man wishes to have a daughter, because the truth is that the relationship between dads and their little girls is like no other.

Cayleigh Hinton is a five-year-old girl who lost her daddy. She loved him to the moon and back. He was her hero and her guardian, and now he can protect her from Heaven.

Source: Facebook/ Illinois National Guard

Illinois National Guard Sergeant Terrence Hinton lost his life during a military training exercise, leaving Cayleigh and her mom behind. He served in Afghanistan and his little girl was very proud of him for his commitment and his bravery.

When the time came for Cayleigh to attend the father-daughter dance at school, she was heartbroken. She missed her dad unconditionally, but then someone special came along the way and made her day a bit brighter.

First Sgt. Joseph Bierbrodt was there to escort Cayleigh to the dance. A group of officers and firefighters were waiting for them to arrive at the school and gave the sweet girl flowers. They wanted to make sure she knew they were there for her whenever she needed them because when her dad died, they lost a friend and a companion.

Source: Facebook/ Illinois National Guard

It was a bittersweet moment, but definitely one that Cayleigh will remember for a very long time.

You can take a look at the two dancing in the video below. So touching!