My sister invited me to an upscale restaurant, vanished into the bathroom when it was time to pay the bills

The lesson the woman's sister would never forget in the link in the comments.


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A woman took to this forum to share a story involving her sister, which didn’t end up the way she expected to.

Namely, the OP’s sister moved closer, which OP saw as a way of having more opportunities for the two to bond and spend quality time together.

One day, the sister called the woman and invited her and her husband to a fancy restaurant.

The woman had second thoughts about the choice of place because she was aware it was very pricey. The sister, however, insisted they go exactly there.

Eventually, the woman and her husband agreed to go to the fancy restaurant with her sister and her sister’s boyfriend.

They had a nice time together and ordered what they felt like eating besides the high prices.

When the time came for the bill to be paid, the woman asked for two separate checks. But at that moment, the sister said she needed to use the restroom and her boyfriend followed her.

Some time passed by and neither the sister nor her boyfriend returned. The woman called her sister but she didn’t respond. It was clear they left the place in an attempt to avoid paying their part of the bill.

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The woman payed her and her husband’s check only and texted her sister that in case she didn’t return, she would need to face legal action. Still, no response.

The following day, the sister called OP and instead of providing an apology for her childish behavior, she asked from OP to pay the entire bill, but OP refused and said she never agreed on such a thing.

Although she was the one to be blamed for what she did, the sister made her entire family put pressure on OP about covering the entire bill, but OP took a stand that she wouldn’t do such a thing no matter what.

As expected, fellow Redditors stood on the woman’s side telling her she was NTA.

It is a common knowledge that if not agreed differently, the bill should be split.

What are your thoughts on this?

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