My pregnant wife started returning home late at night – I lost control when I found out the reason

My pregnant wife started returning home late at night and crying - I lost my mind when I found out why. Read the story!


A man took to Reddit to share a story and seek advice from the fellow Redditors.

He started by stating that his wife, who was very punctual in returning home from work, began arriving late without any specific explanation. Her untypical behavior raised concerns.

One night, upon arrival home, OP realized his wife was still at work so he decided to call her. During that late-night call, she attempted to maintain a cheerful facade, claiming she had plenty of work unfinished. However, her voice betrayed a subtle tremble, prompting further unease.


As staying out at work late became practice, OP’s concerns grew bigger with each passing day. One evening, while she sought a glass of water in the living room, OP stumbled upon his wife quietly sobbing. Witnessing her distress, especially given her being seven months pregnant, stirred deep sympathy. He tried to attribute her emotional state to her pregnancy hormones, but deep down, he knew there was more to the story that he assumed.


Driven by a growing sense of apprehension, he decided to delve deeper into the mystery of his wife’s late nights. But the pieces of the puzzle only started to fall into place after he went through some of the messages his wife exchanged with her co-workers.

What he discovered was not an affair, but a challenge his wife was struggling with at work.

Sadly, he discovered that she was a victim of bullying. Her colleagues delegated their workload onto her to free up their evenings and she drowned in tasks until late into the night.


The messages from her colleagues were cruel beyond words. They mocked her for her appearance and her capabilities. As he went through those messages, each of the words felt like a dagger and he couldn’t understand how she could fight this all by herself.

He didn’t say anything, but wanted to do something to help her. One day, he left early from work and headed to her workplace. He wanted to take her to dinner and take her away from that toxic environment, if only for an evening.

As he arrived at her office, OP came face to face with his wife’s tormentors. His sudden presence caught them off guard, his lawyer’s uniform and ID badge serving as silent testament to his determination and readiness to protect his wife at any cost.


The confrontation was brief yet impactful. OP made sure his presence sent a message that if needed, he would pursue legal actions against them.

The fear in their eyes was palpable, and while he never divulged the details of the encounter to his wife, the effect on her was immediate. She started arriving home earlier, her demeanor lifted, and her smile returned.

In the days that followed, she was even more cheerful than ever.


But OP only understood the depth of her scars from the bullying she experienced for so long after he noticed she was having nightmares.

Over time, she made the decision to go to therapy which helped her with her past struggles and prepared her for her new life as a mom to a beautiful daughter.


OP said he hoped this new beginning would help his wife realize that she should finally leave that toxic workplace.


Workplace bullying often manifests in subtle ways which can be equally harmful as more obvious forms of cruelty. It involves ongoing actions like undermining, exclusion, or disparaging comments that gradually erode an individual’s confidence and sense of fitting in. This behavior fosters a toxic atmosphere where victims may feel incapable of speaking out or finding assistance, deepening their isolation. It’s vital to identify and confront these hidden types of bullying to cultivate a workplace culture that is both healthy and respectful.

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