My grandson told me I’m the worst grandma, 8 years later he appears at my doorstep on his knees

My grandson told me I’m the worst grandma, 8 years later he appears at my doorstep on his knees.


Grandparents have a vital role in the lives of their grandchildren. One of the reasons for this is that they offer love, wisdom, and unique perspectives that differ from those of parents. Further, grandparents provide emotional support and offer guidance. They are role models, idols, and someone who can help children develop virtues they should live by. So, having your grandparents in your life means having friends who would never turn their back on you.

A grandmother shared the story of her grandson Simon whom she was very close to when he was young, but as time passed by, their relationship changed.

The grandma started by saying that Simon enjoyed spending his days at her house. He loved being by her side, helping her around the house, and listening to her stories. However, as he grew older, Simon stopped visiting his grandma that frequently, and eventually, he stopped calling her.

Unaware of why he started acting like that, the grandma tried to convince herself that he simply didn’t have the time for her now that he had plenty of friends at school.


One day, she paid her daughter and her grandson a visit. When she entered their home, Simon acted as though he didn’t notice her. Realizing he was being rude to his grandma, Simon’s mom turned to him and said, “Simon, have some respect for your grandmother! What did she do to you for you to ignore her that way? She came all the way here to spend time with us.”

Simon answered angrily, “She’s the only grandmother I know who doesn’t give gifts to her grandson! All my friends share great stories about how their grandmothers always give them gifts. I never got anything from her! Not even candy!”

His mother couldn’t believe what he had just said. She knew she didn’t raise him to be like that. “Simon! Did I raise you to become materialistic? How could you mistreat your grandma just because she can’t afford to give you gifts? The fact that she tries to spend time with us should be more than enough. Stop being a spoiled brat!” his mom yelled.


Simon then entered his room and slammed the door as hard as he could.

The grandma felt really bad. She could never assume that the reason why her grandson ignored her was because she didn’t bring him presents. Sadly, she only had money for the basic needs and couldn’t afford to shower him with gifts.

In order to try and make things right, she knocked at Simon’s room and entered. She wanted to talk to him, but he continued being rude. “See what you did? My mom got mad at me because of you! What kind of grandmother doesn’t bring gifts for her grandson? I’m the only person in my class who has to deal with someone like you! You’re the worst grandma!” he told her.

Feeling hurt, the grandma decided not to visit her daughter and her grandson that often since he didn’t really want her there.


Sadly, things turned even worse when Simon and his parents moved to a different country. This meant the grandma would no longer be able to visit them even if she wanted to.

She felt alone. Simon never contacted her, and she had no idea how he was or what he was doing.

Years passed by and the grandma lost hope of ever seeing her family again when someone rang at her door. She spotted a familiar face. It was Simon, but he was way taller and muscular since she last saw him.

“Hi grandma,” he said in a soft voice filled with regret.

“Simon, sweetheart, is it really you?” the grandma said.

“I’m so sorry, grandma. I’m sorry for wasting so much time being a selfish young man. I was foolish, superficial, and I didn’t realize how much I had hurt and disrespected you,” Simon cried.

He started hugging his grandma as he kept apologizing for his behavior over the years. He explained that he wanted to contact her earlier, but he was too ashamed to do that. And now that he finally gathered the strength, he was at her doorstep begging for forgiveness.


“I’m sorry for not being in your life all these years, grandma. I can’t believe I wasted so much precious time,” he sobbed.

“When I was 16, I realized how terrible I had been to you. Since then, I was ashamed even to look you in the eyes, grandma. I thought about how I could make it up to you, so I took my time and worked hard. Since then, I saved up money to provide not just for my future family, but for you, too,” he explained.

“Grandma, I’ve saved up enough money to buy a new house in this neighborhood. My company will relocate me here, and we can live together. I want to take care of you and make it up to you for all the years we were apart,” he told his grandma.

The grandma was overjoyed. She couldn’t believe Simon was thinking of her all those years. She was willing to forgive him and be there for him.

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