My daughter forgot about my 90th birthday – I spent it alone until the doorbell rang

I never thought that on such an important day, the people closest to me would turn away.


Reaching a milestone birthday is a huge deal, especially if you turn 90.

As Patty’s 90th birthday was approaching, she was looking forward to spending it with those she loved the most in her life, her daughter Angie and her grandchildren. Angie promised to organize a small party for her mom, and as she wasn’t seeing her family much, Patty was over the moon and couldn’t wait for that day to finally arrive.

Spending time with her grandchildren was a fun time for the elderly woman who felt alone following her husband’s passing. They reminded her of Angie, her own daughter, but they also looked like their father John, whom Angie recently divorced.

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Patty was sad her daughter and her husband split because she loved John as though he was her son, but she knew life was like that sometimes, and there was nothing she could do to mend things between them.

When the day of Patty’s birthday arrived, she was very excited, but as time passed by, that excitement turned into worry as Angie was nowhere to be seen. What’s most, she wasn’t answering Patty’s phone calls.

After hours and hours of waiting, the doorbell finally rang. Patty was quick, as she could be considering her advanced age, to answer the door. But instead of Angie and the grandchildren, it was John who was standing there with a box of chocolate and a flower bouquet.

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“Happy Birthday, Ma!!” John said with a smile on his face.

“John?! Oh, wow! You didn’t have to,” Patty said, surprised to see him there.

She was glad he even remembered. But that didn’t really come as a surprise as John has always been a very thoughtful person.

Patty invited him to join her for dinner. John was hesitant at first, but once he realized Patty was all by herself at that moment he said yes.

What’s most, being an amazing cook, John even helped his ex mother-in-law to prepare the food.

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As the two finally started having dinner, John asked about Angie. He wondered if she would mind him being there, at her mom’s house. Patty said she wouldn’t because she wasn’t probably coming since she hadn’t returned any of Patty’s calls.

John got worried and offered to call her. This time, Angie picked up the phone.

The two talked for a short while and then John told Patty the reason why her daughter wasn’t coming to her home on her birthday.

“It turns out Angie, her new boyfriend, and the kids are all on vacation,” John said with a worrying voice.

Patty was surprised. She wouldn’t understand why her daughter would hide such a thing from her. John was as angry because Angie took the kids on vacation without telling him or consulting with him.

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Patty didn’t even know Angie was seeing someone and asked John if he knew who that man was.

“She’d mentioned something in passing, but a whole vacation?! And apparently, they’d been planning it for about a month now. Excuse me, Patty, but I believe your daughter’s taken things a little too far this time,” John said, visibly disturbed.

Patty was as disappointed. The least Angie could do was tell both her mom and the father to her children about her plans and that she wouldn’t be around for Patty’s milestone birthday.

Later, Patty had a few words with her daughter, but her act still felt like a betrayal.

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