My brother-in-law asked me to wear all white to his gender reveal party – When I found out why, I was speechless

MY BROTHER-IN-LAW ASKED ME TO WEAR ALL WHITE TO HIS GENDER REVEAL PARTY — WHEN I FOUND OUT WHY, I WAS SPEECHLESS! So, my BIL is throwing a gender reveal party for his first kid. The invite said the following: "Every guest and their plus ones MUST EACH bring gifts to the party. Yours is: Medium Diapers + a gift to mom and dad." Not even for the baby! The invite didn't say anything about the dress code, but just a week before, we found out everyone must wear ALL WHITE. My fiancé was set with his dad's old suit, but I hate white clothes, so I had to buy this outfit at the last minute. A week goes by. We come to the party and just GASP as we figure out why he wanted us to wear white. Turns out he...


Family relations can be rather complex, and the reasons are various, and with remarriages and step-families, roles like step-parent, step-sibling, and half-sibling add layers of complexity.

A woman named Tammy, 30, shared a story of how her brother-in-law’s gender reveal party, which seemed innocent at first, turned into a complete chaos. Thankfully, she wasn’t the only one who was offended at the end of the day, but the rest of the family too, including her future mother-in-law who anticipated the drama that unraveled.

Namely, when Sam, Tammy’s BIL, invited them to their gender reveal party, he asked from them to bring a gift which was supposed to consist of medium diapers and something for the mom and dad, which Tammy and her fiance Dan found unusual. However, they decided to ignore the red flags and were looking forward to the party.


A week before the event, Sam called everyone in order to inform them that they decided on a dress code and asked them to wear all white. Since Tammy didn’t have anything in that color, she was forced to buy some white clothes in order to fit in.

During the baby shower, a subtle discomfort could be felt in the air. Sam and his partner, Berta seemed very enthusiastic and walked among the guests when in one moment bursts of pink and blue paint burst forth, drenching everyone present. It became apparent that the suggested white attire was intended to spoil our clothing for their entertainment.

While the guests were outraged, Sam and Bertha wouldn’t stop laughing.


At that moment, Sam’s mother intervened. She handed the guests envelopes containing gift cards to repay for the ruined clothes. This was her way of addressing the disrespect by her son and her daughter-in-law.

She was mad at Sam and Bertha and gave them a lesson on respect.

As Tammy left the party, her ruined clothes remained a symbol of a collective stand against inconsiderate behavior.

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