Musicians perform haunting cover of ‘Sound Of Silence’

I've heard many renditions of this classic, but none quite as chilling as theirs.


Simon and Garfunkel, one of the most successful folk-rock duos of the 1960s were known as counterculture icons of the decade’s social revolution alongside other great names such as The Beatles and Bob Dylan. They left behind them a great number of hits that reached number one on the music charts, not only in America, but worldwide.

One of their best and most famous pieces is the hit “The Sound of Silence” that has been performed by many musicians ever since. However, one duo stood out with their amazing rendition of this song and made us want more.


Celtic Thunder is an Irish singing group known for their eclectic singing and the amazing shows they put on stage while performing. McGinty, the group vocalist once said how their group had really grown and turned into something that has its own life, and we couldn’t agree more.

They have been doing live shows that are outstanding and treat the audience with powerful emotions. Two of the members of the group, Colm Keegan and Keith Harkin, singing Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Sound of Silence” isn’t any different. Once they let their voices loose, everyone is left wondering how is it possible for them to sound so good. Many said it was like listening to the original duo.


These two are the perfect match to be performing this particular song, as their vocals blend in a perfect harmony. To be honest, they sound equally astounding as the original duo. The melody and the lyrics suit them perfectly, as though they were written for them. One person writes: “I think it’s interesting to see the difference in their personalities while they’re singing: Colm is quieter and more thoughtful/intense, while Keith is more energetic and ‘in the groove’, so to speak. Both very good singers who complement each other nicely.”

After this song was initially released as part of the first studio album of Simon and Garfunkel, it was a failure and it was the reason for the duo to split. After some time, however, people noticed it and it found its place on the top lists. But that didn’t happen before the song’s producer made a remix and added some electric elements.


The mesmerizing video has been seen by more than 5 million people who agree that it’s the best cover of the song ever. Although Celtic Thunder added a pinch of their unique performing style, they still managed to keep the essence of the song.

This is something you don’t miss for anything. It touches the heart and fill us with some calmness that we get to love.