Mother under influence of alcohol and drugs crashes car with five kids who were thrown out in the air, leading to their deaths

Such a tragedy.


The lives of five innocent children were ended in one of the most horrific tragedies that has ever taken place in Prince George’s County. The 33-year-old mother, Dominique Taylor, who was behind the wheels was the only survivor. Despite her own children, London and Paris Dixon, aged 5 and 8, Richelle Ricks, 6, Zion Beard, 14, and Damari Herland, 15, also lost their lives. 23-year-old Cornell Simon who was in the front seat succumbed to his injuries a few weeks after the accident.

The tragedy took place at 5 a.m. on Northbound Rt. 301, just south of Point Bridge Rd, when the 2005 Chrysler Pacifica went off the road, crashed into trees, and then spun across a field.

First responders and police officers believed the driver suffered some sort of medical emergency and that was the reason why she lost control over the SUV, but it was far from the truth. The mother was under influence of alcohol and drugs at the moment her two kids and three other were killed. This news shocked the whole country and let them wondering how could a mother be so irresponsible as to drive under influence and lead that many souls to death.

Investigation showed that none of the children had a seatbelt on. That added to the reason why their bodies were ejected from the car.

Members of the Bowie community came together to mourn the tragic loss.

“I remember going out to feed the homeless and the little girls were pitching, ‘what can I put in this, I want to do this, I want to help,'” said the grandfather of one of the vicstims, Robert Herald Sr. “They were the only two little girls who got up early in the morning to feed the homeless. What can you say of humanitarianism at a young age? They were always looking out to help other people. That’s how my family is and that’s how our family will stay,” he added.

Governor Hogan tweeted how saddened he and the whole country were because of this tragedy. He said he was praying for all involved, including the first responders.

The accident happened in February of 2019, and Dominique was sentenced to 18 years in prison in March of 2020 after she had been charged and found guilty of six counts of manslaughter and six counts of negligent homicide by motor vehicle or vessel under the influence of alcohol.