Mother abandons 8-year-old son at a petrol station with a note saying he’s too naughty to be taken care of

"Every day you are causing problems. Forgive me, child," the note read.


Being a good parent takes a lot of hard work. Children need to be taught what is right and what is wrong from very early age, which can take a lot of time and patience. And no matter how mischievous kids can be at times, I believe there’s nothing a long and meaningful conversation can’t fix when it comes to educating and shaping little minds.

One mother from Pelalawan, Indonesia, however, couldn’t put up with her misbehaving son any longer so she abandoned him at the nearest petrol station.

She left a note next to him saying, “Child, forgive me. I am forced to leave you on the street as I’m no longer willing to see you suffer or tortured because of your mischief, every day you are causing problems. Forgive me, child. Take good care of yourself.”

The confused boy, 8, was spotted by the local residents who got worried after seeing him at the station all by himself during the late hours. They called the police and took the boy to the village until authorities arrived.

Police believe the real reason behind the abandonment is the abuse the boy suffered at home.

When found, he had visible marks around his mouth and a cut on his face. According to a translated report from Gridstar, the boy’s dad would get angry and violent whenever his son was reckless and misbehaved.

The report further states that what preceded the abandonment was an incident in which the boy beaten his two younger brothers so when the father came home, he hurt the boy.

“The perpetrator pinched the victim’s left little finger. The victim was already crying, but the perpetrator was still pinching the victim’s little finger and ring finger with pliers,” Pelalawan Iptu Police Public Relations Officer, Edy Haryanto was quoted saying according to Gridstar.

During the act of punishing his son, the boy’s mother got inside the house and decided to protect her son from his father by abandoning him. The parents were divorced.

At the moment, police is investigating the case. “Today his parents, the family, the head of the RT / RW, and all related parties were summoned to be examined by the Pangkalan Kuras Police,” said Edy. “This is to find out whether the child was actually dumped and allegedly abused by his parents,” and added, “Indeed, there are indications of violence against the child. But, we need to further understand what the background is, why it happened like this.”

We are sad to hear that young children are suffering from the hands of their parents. No matter how mischievous a kid is, being violent against them should never be an option.

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