Moms teach their sons who harass women on the streets a lesson

Lesson learned! I can't stop laughing!


According to a research conducted in Lima, Peru, 7 out of 10 women experience sexual harassment on the streets by men who call them names as they walk past by. So, how do we put a stop to this careless and offensive behavior by the “stronger” sex?

It looks like the sporting goods company Everlast knows the answer. After spotting several men who offend women on the streets every day, they decided to do an experiment and involve the habitual harassers’ mothers into it.

The moms agreed to take part with the sole purpose of teaching their sons a lesson that no woman should ever feel a victim of their offensive words and acts. Believe it or not, the moms underwent a “transition” and got wigs and make-up after which they were asked to pass by their sons.

And as you assume already, the results are both concerning and hilarious. One of the harassers says “piggy” as his disguised mother walks past him. At the end they all got what they deserved.

This video is definitely a must watch. Check it out below.