Mom who confronted her son’s bullies on school grounds is arrested

The mother couldn't stand her son being bullied any longer and took matters into her own hands. She, however, regrets for allowing her emotions control her behavior.


Sadly, most educational institutions fail to cope with the problem of bulling many students face with. When it comes to this, parents are forced to stand for their vulnerable children and take things into their own hands.

When a South Carolina mom decided it was enough and confronted her son’s bullies she got arrested by the authorities and is now facing charges. She, however, said that she couldn’t “get the message across any other way.”

The video of the confrontation that took place at the Greenbrier Elementary School was quickly removed from the social media. Doing her best to protect her child, the only thing she actually got from her action were charges of interfering, disrupting, and disturbing.

According to the videos and the authorities, Jamie Louise Rathburn could be seen entering the school building in the morning of May 17 after which she “lift her finger in a pointing manner and circled around as if making sure all the kids heard her and were listening.”

Rathburn allegedly told the third graders how they had no idea who were they dealing with, and later apologized for “allowing emotions to control her behavior.”

“I can’t go eat lunch with my children,” Rathburn said. “I can’t watch them on field day. As class mom, that’s devastating.”

The mother was unhappy with the school’s decision to ban her from entering in.

“I’m frustrated with the children’s actions, but at the end of the day I’m angry with the adults involved in this situation, because we are the ones with the power to stop this,” Rathburn told the Greenville News.

She got furious with the administration’s decision to separate her and her son during recess time so that they could pay closer look at the boy.

Regarding the bullying issue, it was not stated whether the kids involved were punished or not. She said how she didn’t get any documentation regarding the case due to privacy concerns since an official report would have to include other students’ information.

“I am absolutely ashamed of myself for the actions of walking up into that school,” Rathburn told the Greenville News. “You know, I owe the parents, the children and the staff an apology for that. Absolutely, it was wrong. But honestly, I don’t know how I could have gotten my message across any other way.”

The school didn’t want to give any public comments concerning the case or the incident and Rathburn was released on $1,000 bond. Her next court date would be on June 18.