Mom tries to ruin her son’s wedding, wears long white tulle gown to the ceremony

How my MIL learned a priceless lesson when she arrived in a snow-white dress to my wedding. Read full story in comment...


The complex nature of family relations sometimes culminates with feuds and broken relationships that are hard to be repaired.

A bride-to-be did an innocent mistake when she allowed her mother in-law to wear a white gown to her wedding, not anticipating that it would lead to a dispute with her future husband.

Writing on Reddit, the woman explained that she was Indian and that they would be having a traditional Indian wedding, which meant she would be wearing a traditional red dress, so when her MIL asked her if she could wear white, the woman said “Yes.”


However, when she told her fiance about it, he got extremely mad. He said that she shouldn’t have agreed on his mom wearing a white dress and that she should have consulted him first. He believed that his mother, who happened to be an extreme narcissist who wanted to steal the spotlight.

Next, he asked OP to call his mother and tell her she couldn’t wear white or else she was banned from the wedding.

OP couldn’t understand what the issue was, since her dress would be created from a special type of silk and embroidery that would be very distinctive from whatever her MIL would choose to wear.


“He explained that his mother had previously ‘joked’ that she would wear white and he had told her point blank that she wasn’t allowed to do this. (He didn’t tell me about this because he didn’t want to stress me out, apparently she has a tendency to steal attention throughout his childhood which left some trauma.) So basically when I told MIL she could wear white, he was very upset that I had given permission when he had categorically refused, but he admitted it was wrong of him to get that upset when he hadn’t shared any of the background information with me,” OP explained.

Eventually, OP and her fiance made up after she showed him all the comments under her Reddit post which said that the day was all about them and that his mom’s choice of outfit shouldn’t be a reason for arguments between them.


“It helped him realize that even if MIL wore white it wouldn’t really stand out (at least not in a positive way) and he LOVED your guys idea of just not telling MIL that I wasn’t going to be wearing white. So we’ll probably offer to buy her a sari…but if she insists on wearing a white dress, we just won’t stop her,” OP concluded her post.

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