Mom rings bell after baby daughter’s cancer recovery in heartwarming video

It was a moment to remember when the girl's mom rang the cancer-free bell.


Leann and Patrick Borden were eagerly waiting to meet their bundle of joy. They couldn’t wait to hold their baby and become a mam and a dad. When sweet Lillian Grace was born, she brought joy and happiness into her parents’ lives. During the first couple of months, everything seemed to be just fine with the little one, but then, doctors noticed strange and rather limited movements shown by Lillian Grace.

As they wanted to make sure there was nothing wrong, they ran some tests and sadly, discovered a huge tumor in the baby’s brain stem. The growth of the tumor was affecting Lillian Grace’s body mechanism and left her with swellings.

Source: YouTube/ Good Morning America

The only thing that seemed reasonable, despite the baby’s age, was to start chemotherapy treatments.

Fortunately, the body reacted pretty well and just after three weeks, the tumor was gone and the MRI came clean. Just in case, more test were done in the month that followed, and they all showed that Lillian Grace was ready to go home.

It was a moment to remember when the girl and her parents rang the cancer-free bell.

We are so happy it all turned for the best for this brave and adorable family. Check out the whole story in the video below and make sure you share Lillian Grace’s heartwarming journey with you friends.