Mom goes to preschool to find baby has been bitten – camera reveals truth

When the mom arrived at the preschool, she felt sick at the sight ...


Preschools are appalling option for many families. These facilities not only provide the children with daycare, but follow nicely designed programs for early learning that expose the little ones to letters, numbers, and shapes from an early age.

Another positive aspect of attending a preschool is that the child will learn how to socialize with their peers, as well as to share and to contribute.

However, one issue that these institutions are facing with is the lack of staff, and although parents have complete confidence in their kids’ teachers, it may happen that they have a lot on their plate for one day and miss when some of the kids gets into trouble.

Tracy Blinov, a mother from Montana, USA left her 7-month-old baby Eliana at the Busy Hands Preschool. This incident happened around 2 years ago, but she remembers it as though it happened yesterday.

As soon as she dropped her baby, she got a call from her teachers to come back because her daughter had been bitten on the face. Tracy rushed back and was shocked by the sight.

This mother is perfectly aware that little children may still not be aware of what’s acceptable behavior and what’s not, but she also believes that both the parents and the teachers should spend a quality amount of time shaping youngsters’ minds and trying to teach them to distinguish good from bad.

The problem here was that Eliana wasn’t bitten once, but multiple times. And Tracy wondered how could the teachers let that happen.

The surveillance footage clearly showed that the staff intervened only after she was all bitten. They say, however, that they stepped in immediately after they heard the girl screaming.

Previous incident

It wasn’t a first time for the child guilty of the attack to do this. She was expelled from another preschool all for the same reasons.

“This toddler that came in was a new customer and she neglected to tell us that the child was a biter and neglected to tell us that the week before she had been kicked out of Little Griz for biting a child,” said the owner, to ABC Fox Montana.“If that would have been told to us, we could have said ‘No, we can’t take her.’”

Eliana was treated with antibiotics, but this incident didn’t affect her energetic mood.

Tracy opens up on the incident:

“She’s in much better spirits today. I’m happy to say the bruising and swelling is coming down a little, it’s amazing how resilient babies are. So blown away by the support from everybody. ABC Fox Montana and KPAX will both be featuring stories on our sweet girl.”

The staff of the preschool were really sorry for the incident and assured the parents that they’ll do everything in their power to hire more teachers and have one adult responsible only for two students.

Every parent leaves their precious children under the wings of the teachers every day for eight hours, and they expect the employees to take good care of them.

Incidents like this one may affect the children deeply so that they refuse to get back to the kindergarten ever again.

This one speaks for the much-needed funds the state should provide for the daycare and kindergartens so that they can hire more teachers.

As for Eliana, we are glad she got back to the preschool and continued being friendly with everyone.