Mom gives her baby full stiletto manicure, posts pictures on social media

This just isn't right.


Being a parent means doing all in your power for the well-being of your child. But is this true for every mom and dad out there? Sadly, not always.

Some time ago, one mother’s photos of her little baby enraged a lot of social media users. Namely, the photos showed her little one having fake nails done in a stiletto shape. Judging from the size of the hand, the baby is probably younger than a year.

The caption of the photos said: “I can do you babies nails. PM for info. Cheap rates.”

Needless to say, many were quick to point out the dangers of a young baby having long nails.

“I could understand painting babies nails, but giving them fake ones? It’s too dangerous! They constantly are touching their faces, so it could really do damage to their eyes. It’s better to wait until they are a lot older,” one person wrote after the original Facebook photos were taken off the site and shared on Twitter by someone else.

Another person commented: “No just no. One the babies nail is so thin this can damage it for later in life. And honestly it’s just stupid.”

A third said: “Especially like the ones shown I mean why would you want sharp things that your baby would put in their mouth and possibly swallow. It’s just no no no no no no no nooo.”

The truth is that we can never know if the original photos were real or photoshopped, but what we are certain of is that no matter if they were accurate or not, they can easily make people follow the bizarre trend of putting fake nails on a newborn baby.

We strongly advise anyone against applying any sort of fake nails on their babies’ fingers.

What are your thoughts on this?