Mom dies while giving birth to daughter from rare childbirth complication

Just hours before she posted about being excited to become a mom again... then a nightmare rare birth complication took her life. Rest in peace.


Although it’s something natural, childbirth is at times a complex process.

It’s not uncommon that unexpected issues arise while a mom is delivering her baby, and sadly, doctors are sometimes unable to prevent tragedies from taking place, such in the case of a five-time mother named Kelli Tyler.

This incredible woman was over the moon by the thought of welcoming a fifth child into her life. Her excitement could be seen from the photos and the videos she shared through which she documented her pregnancy.

The ultrasounds were always neat and nothing spoke trouble during the nine months that Tyler carried her baby.

On the day of the delivery, she faced a dangerous and life-threatening complication which claimed her life.


Namely, the amniotic fluid got into her bloodstream and caused severe damage.

“The amniotic fluid got into Kelli’s bloodstream [and] she was losing blood more than she could take in,” Julie Roach, Tyler’s mother, explained. “I think the last words my granddaughter said — she said — were, ‘I’m about to faint.’”

An amniotic fluid embolism can happen either during the process of giving birth or shortly after.


According to the Cleveland Clinic, it is “very difficult to diagnose because the symptoms can be similar to other serious complications during childbirth.”

Further, the clinic’s website writes that this is why “for reasons that are mostly unknown, some people have a severe allergic response to amniotic fluid mixing with their blood.” The consequences could be cardiac arrest, uncontrolled breathing, or lung failure.

“She would come around for a minute or so and she would code again,” Roach said of her daughter’s final moments.

As of the sweet baby, Jalie, she would never meet her mom, but her family will make sure she learns about her through photos, videos, and stories of how kind Tyler was.


When it comes to Jalie’s health condition, doctors aren’t sure whether her traumatic birth would affect her in any ways.

The family started a GoFundMe page to help them with the unexpected medical costs. In a week time, three times the amount set out to be raised was raised.

We are so very sorry for this tragic loss.

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