Military dad reunites with daughter after being deployed when she was just 10 days old

What a reunion!


When we say that our military men and women sacrifice a lot when serving the country and getting deployed in far away lands, we mean it. Just imagine missing out on such meaningful events such as birthdays, holidays, celebrations, and many times, missing out on seeing your child grow up.

Unfortunately, a huge number of children are “robbed” of the opportunity to be around their military mom or dad, but they know that there’s a lot at stake, and that’s the freedom of our country and the safety of its citizens.

The best part about deployment are the reunions. Over the years, we have witnessed many touching reunions between parents and their kids, and the following is likely one of the best we’ve ever seen.

When Jordan, 24, and his wife Sophie Hatt, 22, decided to tie the knot, they were both perfectly aware of the fact that Jordan would be away for quite some time. Three months after the wedding, Sophie got pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl whom they named Lily.

However, when Lily turned 10 days old, Jordan was deployed. He was forced to say goodbye to his tiny bundle of joy, but he knew duty was calling, and he accepted that call.

Almost a year later, in May 2021, the father returned home in Florida.

The video mom Sophie took melted thousands of hearts. She said, “He felt bad leaving me alone to raise our first child and I was dreading being without him and doing it on my own.”

Luckily, they are now together and can watch their girl turning into a lady.