Michael Bublé newest video has parents all over the world sobbing about their kids growing up

Grab a tissue before listening to this incredible piece of music!


Michael Bublé, one of our favorite musicians, has released a new song and a video that have gone viral and have parents all over the world sobbing. The touching piece of music speaks of the love parents have for their little ones and how fast they grow up and move on with their own life.

“Forever Now” triggers strong emotions. Parents’ whose kids go back to school or off to college relate to the lyrics and to the visual representation of what it really feels like to see their children become independent individuals.

The hit that was uploaded on YouTube in March of this year is a reminder that we should spend as much time with our kids as possible because time flies really fast and we may miss some of the best moments we can have with them without even being aware of it.

The video shows how a child’s room changes over the years. From the cute nursery filled with teddy bears and a bunch of toys, to a teenager’s nest.

The lyrics go like this:

“I just met you, seems like yesterday. You opened up your eyes and I recognized your face. You know that you’re the one that we’ve been waiting for; we’re going to keep you safe.”

We challenge you to watch it until the very end without sobbing.  

This really makes you think of the ‘limited’ time you get to spend with your children. So, make sure you grab every opportunity to be by their side.

“It wasn’t so long ago, we walked together and you held my hand, and now you’re getting too big to want to.”

Touching, indeed, isn’t it?