Matted poodle gets rescued and undergoes an incredible transformation

What a transformation!


Eldad Hagar is one of the most special people that we know of. If his name sounds familiar to you, you are probably a huge fan of animals. In fact, Eldad is the founder of Hope for Paws, one of the largest and most successful animal rescue organizations there are. Believe it or not, he and his team of vets and rescuers have helped save the life of thousands of animals in need of salvation.

This time, they made a change in the life of a sweet poodle whom they later named Dolly. When they received a call about a matted dog, they had no idea how severe Dolly’s condition really was. However, once at the scene, they became aware that they had to take her at their headquarters as soon as possible.


The thing was that Dolly wouldn’t allow them to approach her. She wasn’t a bad dog who wanted to hurt them, but she was way too scared to have trust in people.

Fortunately, the rescuers’ expertise in dealing with such cases helped them get near Dolly.

Once in their hands, this poodle’s life took a completely different turn and she now looks like a new dog. She’s all happy and healthy and has found her forever home with people who love her unconditionally.

You can see the incredible transformation in the video below.