Man transforms an old school bus into the ultimate home on wheels

We can definitely see ourselves living in this bus.


When it comes to choosing the perfect place to live in, different people have different desires. While some dream of huge houses and mansions and work hard to afford such places, others prefer smaller homes.

Craig Gordinier, 28, served in US Coast Guard for 8 years. However, after he left the service, he had a hard time settling in and finding a job. The pandemic struck and many business closed, so he was left wondering what to do with his life. At the time, Craig was living with his parents who were more than happy to offer him a place to stay. However, he wasn’t happy sleeping on their couch and decided to take things in his own hands.

“March, April, and May was just so difficult. Because of COVID, I knew I wasn’t going to find a job. The way that life was looking, I had everything taken from me,” he told Insider.

Namely, while serving, Craig met a friend who was living in an RV, so he thought that adjusting a huge vehicle to a home was a good idea and now his loft on wheels is gathering the attention of many.

“There was always that one guy who either lived in a van or in an RV who was saving a bunch of money,” he said. “I never really wanted to do it until last year when I started actually planning out my life and I got to the end and I realized how much I actually would like it.”

Finally, after an exhaustive search, Craig wound exactly what he was looking for. “I started looking at sprinter vans and trailer and tiny homes and buses, and I finally found the perfect bus that was in South Dakota. I flew out there, and I bought the bus,” he explained.

With a lot of hard work and creativity, Craig managed to turn the bus into the perfect living space. The first thing he did was push up the roof about 20 inches in his “living room” and deck out the lower storage area in order to make some space for his motorcycle. He also installed solar panels and a roof deck. Inside, he built a nice kitchen with an espresso-bar and a nice bathroom with a shower.

“Just because houses have rooms does not mean that a bus needs to have rooms,” Craig told Insider. “It feels like a mansion on wheels.”

For a tour inside this perfect tiny home on wheels take a look at the video below. We can definitely see ourselves living in this bus.