Man transforms 200-year-old Irish cottage into a new, modern home

The videos of the renovation process went viral almost overnight.


What would you do if you inherit a 200-year-old cottage placed in the heart of Ireland’s breathtakingly beautiful countryside? Sell it and get yourself something in the city or embrace the rural life and renovate it? A man named Jack Shelly opted for the latter and now his renovating project of his late grandfather’s cottage is very popular on the social media.

Jack decided to give this old building a completely new look and he’s very close to finishing his and his dad’s DIY project.

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Jack’s grandpa bought the cabin back in 1950 at the age of 29 and lived there until his death in 2010. Ever since, the cottage was sort of abandoned and no one took care of it. Until Jack decided to do a complete transformation in 2020.

Speaking of the cottage, Jack said: “So, my father, his parents, and his five brothers and sisters grew up in this two-bedroom house. With no insulation and singled-glazed windows.”

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With a budged of $30,000 and plenty of ideas on mind, Jack decided he will no longer let his property deteriorate. “My father and I began clearing it out and getting rid of anything that wasn’t needed. When the clearing out was finished it was time to start with the actual renovation,” he said.

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What’s best is that he posts videos of the renovation process on his TikTok account and people love it. They can’t wait to see the final results. Well, so as we.

Source: Facebook

“It was around this time that I started documenting the journey on TikTok and Instagram. This video went viral and I got 45,000 followers in 24 hours. I have been documenting the whole journey in detail since and have really enjoyed interacting with people through these platforms,” Jack said.


Progress pics 📸 #renovation #transformation #fyp #foryou


So far, they changed the windows, installed a new roof, and gave it a fresh paint. However, there is still more to be done.

Take a look at the progress Jack and his dad made so far in the video below.