Man rescues puppy stuck in the mud but finds it’s no puppy at all

Ian Ellis set out to view some birds when he noticed a bunch of cows surrounding what looked like a puppy.


Animal rescue stories are my favorite because they remind me that people still care for all those creatures in need of help.

A 67-year-old bird watcher and a huge animal lover named Ian Ellis was outside in the nature trying to spot some new and unique birds, but instead, he spotted a strange animal resembling a tiny puppy stuck in the mud. A herd of cows surrounded the poor creature and Ellis knew he had to step in and take the animal out.

Source: On Demand News/YouTube

Rescuing the animal wasn’t easy, of course, because he was supposed to get close to all those cows that were staring at the helpless creature.

However, as he knew the time was running out, Ellis approached the animal. To his surprise, it wasn’t a puppy, but an abandoned baby seal.

Ellis, who didn’t know what to do next, called Skegness Natureland Seal Sanctuary and asked for help. They advised him to rush the baby seal to the sanctuary hospital. Once there, the little one received a medical treatment because she wasn’t feeling well and was dehydrated and lethargic.

Source: On Demand News/YouTube

Although no one knew for sure how the sweet animal, now named Celebration, ended up into the mud, they believed she was taken to the ground by a tide and got stuck once the water went back in.

Celebration got to be surrounded by a bunch of other seals and once she was completely healed and gained weight, she was taken back into the wild.

If you want to learn more about this incredible rescue story check out the video below.