Man moved in with his girlfriend – When he learned she was the owner of the house he demanded half of the rent she was receiving

"When I saw his reaction, I thought I must have misread."


A solid relationship is based on mutual support and understanding, and if these aspects lack, things often turn heated.

On the “AITA” subreddit, a woman posted the story of how her relationship with her boyfriend crashed and she’s now wondering if she’s the one who’s in the wrong.

Namely, she shared that the two dated for around three months and when she realized he was having troubles paying rent and was unwilling to return to his parents’ home, she suggested that he moves in with her.

However, she didn’t mention the fact that she owned the place. She didn’t ask him to pay rent, they just split the expenses over the groceries.

The two lived on the second floor of the home her father gave to her while the first floor was rented to other people.

One day, the tenant from downstairs looked for the woman to tell her that the fridge wasn’t working properly. She said she would go and check and she would have it repaired. If that wasn’t an option, she said she would buy a new one.

Listening to this conversation, the woman’s boyfriend just stood there, confused. He asked why would she offer to either fix someone’s fridge or even buy a new one. That’s when she told him that she owned the place and that the people who were looking for her about the issue with the fridge were the tenants.

The boyfriend got extremely mad at that point and started yelling at her. He called her evil for not telling him she was the owner and demanded that she give him half of the rent money she was receiving.

This came as a crazy demand. The woman didn’t think he was entitled to a portion of her rent, but when she told him that, he became even more mad at her.

In the days to come, the boyfriend acted weirdly so she decided to call the relationship quits. But he had a hard time accepting the reality.

It was then that OP’s father got involved. “My boyfriend just laughed and told us both he never wants to see us again and that he was out.”

Some Redditors advised the woman to change her locks.

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