Man ignored mom most her life, then can’t believe his eyes when he looks into her casket

Marc went to his mother’s funeral, and he eventually got up the courage to walk up to her casket. When he looked inside, he saw his mother like he had never seen her before. Story of the week!


Most times, we only learn to appreciate what we have after we lose it. Many of us take things for granted and fail to count our blessings, and in such cases, regret is likely to be the feeling that settles in our hearts.

A man named Marc shared one of the most touching stories in front of a group of college students. They couldn’t contain their tears and learned a valuable lesson that they will likely never forget.

In the pursuit of a career, he failed to spend enough time with the one person who was always there for him and never failed him; his mother.

At times, he was embarrassed of the loved she constantly showed him although he was perfectly aware that she only wanted the best for him.

One day, while he was overseas, he got a call that changed his life forever. On the other side of the phone, a voice could be heard saying that they didn’t have good news. His mother, the woman who’d move mountains for him was gone.

March hadn’t seen her in for some time. Her funeral was his last chance to say that final goodbye.

When he finally gathered the courage to approached his mother’s casket, he looked inside and saw his mother like he had never seen her before.

Marc’s sincere words touched many hearts that day and he’s speech has been re-shared over and over again in order to remind us to always find the time for our loved ones.

To find out what happened when he walked up to his mother’s casket, listen to Marc’s inspiring speech in the video below.

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