Man hand-carves memorial statues in honor of troops who fell in Afghanistan

Deep down, we all feel the urge to have our share in honoring these brave people the best we can.


The killing of the 13 American soldiers in the bombing attack in Kabul, Afghanistan, last month, broke the heart of every true American. Deep down, we all feel the urge to have our share in honoring these brave people the best we can. One thing we can all do is to never forget that they lost their lives for this country.

Stephen Wing from Gilford, New Hampshire, the founder of Wings Custom Carvings, is honoring these heroes in his own way, by carving hand-made statues out of wood.

He shared his intention on his business’ Facebook page and asked from the public to help him get in touch with the families of the fallen troopers. “Let’s see if This works,” he posted on August 28. “I am trying to reach out to the families of our most recent tragedy in Afghanistan. I would like to donate one of these carvings to all the thirteen family’s for our fallen soldiers It’s a long shot but share away please.”

Soon after, his post went viral and he gathered information on where to send the memorial pieces.

“I wanted to say thank you to everyone across the United States of America for coming together to try and make this happen for the families of our 13 most recent Fallen Soldiers,” he posted. “With out your help this would have been nearly impossible but I’m great full to announce out of the 13 families we are going to be able to get there battle cross to the following.”

People from all over the country got in touch with Stephen and asked him to help with the shipping costs. He asked everyone who was willing to contribute to contact him.

“Now a lot of people are asking how to donate for shipping cost and to be honest I don’t even know yet have to price it all out Tuesday,” he shared on Sunday. “So if you would like to help you can contact me.

“If there is money left over from the donations to ship it will be divided between all of the families evenly. This is to help the families and let them know we stand with them and also grieve with them. Thanks for all of your help in this. Couldn’t have done it with out all of you.”

We truly hope these carvings will stand as reminders of everything the soldiers did for our country and its people.

Our hearts go out to the grieving families of the heroes.