Man cuts ties with his parents after they secretly DNA tested his newborn baby

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We have heard numerous stories of people having troubled relationship with their in-laws, but what the parents of one Redditor did left many in complete shock. They crossed the line big time and many believe they got what they deserved after their son cut them out of his life.

The Redditor started his story explaining that his mom and dad never liked his wife Sonya whom he met while she was working as a waitress at a restaurant. They were convinced she didn’t love their son and was after him for the money and for a permanent stay in the country. They didn’t even give him their blessings when he told them he was getting married.

Despite all that, his wife invited them over to see their grandson just two days after she gave birth. “My kindhearted wife didn’t think twice to welcome my parents into our lives,” the Reddit user said. “She let them meet our baby two days after being discharged from the hospital.”

They seemed happy to be spending time with the little guy, but one day, the person sharing the story heard his mom speaking to the baby and saying: “Aren’t you the cutest baby ever? I am so glad to confirm you are indeed my grandson.”

These words raised red flag, and soon after, the man learned that his mom and dad did a DNA test because they wanted to make sure the baby was indeed their biological grandson.

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“I was speechless for a moment, and before I blew up from anger,” the man wrote, “I told dad to give me my son and they better leave before I lose whatever respect I had left for them. 

“My mom was very apologetic and said it’s because they don’t trust my wife and that our son looks nothing like me.”

It wasn’t until two weeks later that he told his wife what his parents did. “She started crying and it broke my heart”, he wrote, especially because she has always been nice to them despite they never approved of their son’s relationship and marriage with her.

Further, the man’s post read: “When mom called to ask when they can visit again, I told them they are no longer welcome in our son’s life. Mom called my dad and I told him the same thing. He was livid, he called me ungrateful and cruel.

“He also said a few choice words about my wife which angered me more. I didn’t even hear the rest because I just hung up.”

As we all expected, the Redditors stood by the man’s side and said he had all the right to show his parents their place and cut ties with them.

“This right here, I don’t even know why it’s up for debate,” one person wrote. “Literally a no brainer. Like who they f**k are they to go behind your back and do that and still have the fkn audacity to bad mouth OP’s wife. I’m so mad and I don’t even know these people!”

What do you think of this?