Little Yorkei “attacks” human sibling with licks and kisses

This is cute beyond words!


When I think of cuteness, the first two things that come to my mind are babies and puppies. Now imagine the two together; one of the sweetest thing on Earth, that’s for sure.

Little children growing up around dogs isn’t just adorable, but it teaches the little ones compassion, friendship, and responsibility. On top of that, you’ll know that your kid will have a best friend for life who will be there by their side to share their joys through happiness and provide comfort during sad times.

The video below shows a heartwarming interaction between a toddler and a tiny Yorkei. The excitement the puppy feels is bursting all around as the little guy just can’s stop jumping around his human sibling. The licks and kisses are there as well.

The boy seems to be enjoying the attention he’s getting at first, although he’s way too young to understand that the puppy is just playing with him because he loves him.

Take a look at the bonding in the video below and don’t forget to share it with your friends.