Little twins get excited over a bad full of marshmallows

Who doesn't love marshmallows?


They say it’s the small pleasures in life that comprise happiness and we definitely agree with that. If you don’t trust us, then you have to check out the cute twins from the video below.

Apparently, all they need in order for their day to get better is a bag full of sweet and mouth-watering marshmallows. Well, who doesn’t love them? They are the perfect treat at the campfire and we can never really have enough of these white and fluffy pleasures.

Once the twins reached the bag, they got excited. The grown up from the video put the marshmallows on a plate and let the siblings have all the fun. Looking at them enjoying their treat is both fun and heartwarming at the same time.

The video has been seen 13.9 million times, and it’s all for the right reason.

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