Little Boy Shows Up At Man’s Door When His Dad’s Deployed With Request Man Can’t Refuse

The question that came out of the little boy's mouth completely stunned the man.


No one can replace a parent. But what would you do if you couldn’t see one of your parents for a year or more?

This can be especially hard on young children. They look to their parents for guidance. They look to them as role models and teachers.

One little boy was missing his dad so much he found a way to fill the void.

Brian Kelly is just a little kid. His dad is in the Air Force, and he has been deployed to Syria. The boy and his mom stayed behind, but they both miss Brian’s Dad dearly.

“When Dan [Brian’s dad] gets back, Brian’s going to cry and run to him with open arms,”

He is fortunate to have warm, friendly neighbors, and he has turned to them for help in his hour of need.

Molly and Dean Cravens are the best neighbors a boy could ask for.  One day Dean was outside working, he had come in to cool off when suddenly the doorbell rang, and the man saw Brian standing on the porch.

With his head down and very little eye contact he asked if he could help with the yard work. This is what he used to do with his dad. The neighbor happily agreed.

Now Brian shows up to the neighbor’s house every day to do “dad stuff.”

Brian helps Dean clean up the yard and is always ready to help Dean.  This bonding time with Mr Cravens has helped Brian immensely.

The two are a perfect fit, because Dean has 3 daughters but no sons. He loves getting the chance to do “dad activities” with a boy.

“This is our little neighbor,” she wrote. “His dad is deployed in Syria and every day he comes to the door asking to work with our dad. Appreciate today.” Molly recently posted on twitter.

What would you do if this happened to you?  Would you step in for a soldier that is protecting and serving your country, or would you turn him away?