Kevin Bacon shakes off his ‘footloose’ record for celebratory throwback dance

Kevin Bacon gets a lil' ‘footloose’ in celebratory dance.


Almost 40 years after Footloose aired, actor Kevin Bacon showed the world that he still got his dance moves. In a video he posted recently, the 65-year-old Hollywood star recreated the iconic dance from the 1984 Oscar-nominated film in which he starred. 

The video was captioned “Strike over! @sagaftra” and celebrated the end of the 118-day actors’ strike after SAG-AFTRA reached a tentative agreement with Hollywood studios in November.

The video was taken in an empty barn, and showed Bacon being all jolly with his cowboy boots on, dancing to the film’s title song by Kenny Loggins.


“It pleases me to no end that you embrace and provide so joyfully what brings the rest of us such happiness. Thank you for this, and all you do, Mr. Bacon,” fellow actor Nathan Fillion commented on the video.

“This made my day Kevin!” Rita Wilson, singer and wife of Tom Hanks wrote.

“Oh. My. Yessssssssssss,” said Dancing With The Stars presenter Julianne Hough, with actor Ethan Hawk adding: “This is amazing!!!!!”

“An entire generation was just celebrating over this video!” a fan added.

As Footloose is to celebrate its 40 years anniversary in February, Bacon acknowledged the importance of the film, also starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Lori Singer, John Lithgow and Dianne Wiest, for its impact on a number of generations and fans.

“40 years. That’s one of those movies. It did change my life,” Bacon said. “To say nothing else would not be true. I was working and I knew I’d be an actor for the long haul, but I thought a character actor — which I am — but this took over people’s psyche for that moment and my life switched.” 

To see Bacon’s video, which gained more than 8 million views on TikTok and 3.7 million views on X, go below.

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