Keanu Reeves goes on epic road trip with strangers after plane emergency lands

Best. Road trip. EVER!


Keanu Reeves is unlike any other Hollywood celebrity, that’s for sure. This genuine actor is known for his heart of gold and all those charity projects he funds. Where there is need of help, there is Keanu. This man is so humble that he opts for living a simple life, like that of the ordinary people. Traveling with private planes, driving fast cars, and dining at exclusive restaurants isn’t his thing.

Recently, he was among the passengers who were taking a flight to Burbank, L.A when the plane was forced to land in San Francisco. Although an emergency landing was in question, everything was fine, except for the fact that all those people were stuck in the wrong city. Bakersfield was around 100 miles from their destination and they were considering ways of getting there.

Keanu saved the day

Keanu took the time to make sure everyone was perfectly fine and took some pictures with the fans, after which he did the most amazing thing. He arranged for a minibus to get all these people from the place and get them to the nearest city. Some were worried for having to leave their luggage behind, but Keanu convinced them it will arrive safely to L.A.

And as everyone expected for the actor to continue his journey in a private car, he surprised the passengers and got into the minibus himself. Someone reported how he even came up with a playlist of a local band of country music to make their traveling more fun. Isn’t this man one-of-a-kind?

Once they arrived in L.A, Keanu told his fellow passengers how it was his pleasure to meet them all. He then headed at Carl’s Jr burger joint. People were left overwhelmed by the experience. Well, it’s not everyday that you get to hang out with the Matrix guy.

We love you Keanu, you are our every day hero!