Kathy Bates lip sync battle

She is awesome!


Lip sync battles are something we are always waiting in anticipation because they bring lots of fun and laughter, mostly when we watch performances of someone who we never though could rock the challenge so perfectly just because they don’t “belong” to that type of music.

The generation gap is something real and it sort of “divides” the elderly and the youngsters, especially when it comes to lifestyle, including music genres. Let’s be honest, although we see the jazz is still well and alive, we don’t really see many of our grandmas listening or dancing to rap music. 

There are, however, those who appreciate and listen to different type of music, just like one of our most favorite actresses, lovely Kathy Bates. Lip syncing Bruno Mars’ “That’s What I Like” she puts on a show to remember and leaves the audience cheering out loud. 

Facebook/Lip Sync Battle


This multi talented actress who usually plays characters who are frequently tough-talking and outspoken and is an Oscar, Emmy, and a Golden Globes winner is one of the most respected in the industry. Placing herself on the list of the greatest, it was just a matter of time when this 70-year-old icon would show off her other amazing skills, such as those of singing and dancing. 

Her style during this challenge that she nailed is as unique as her performance. Wearing a faux fur coat, sunglasses, and the fedora hat so typical for Bruno Mars, she hits the tones and leaves the audience in awe. They are way too excited to be seeing Kathy in this new role. 

Surrounded by hot dancers in pajamas, she opens a rock strawberry champagne and strokes a cadillac, which perfectly depicts the song lyrics. 

Facebook/Lip Sync Battle


We now know that Kathy Bates is one hell of a dancer who always knows how to keep the crowd entertained. 

Chrissy Teigen, one of the show’s hosts commented the performance saying:

“I finally have an answer when somebody asks me–which is always–‘What’s your favourite LSB moment ever?’ It is you on that stage, doing that foot slide.”

Facebook/Lip Sync Battle


No wonder why her amazing performance has been seen around 6 million times. Check it out for yourself, this is way to good for words.