Kate Middleton ‘depressed’ over uncle’s appearance on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ – what he revealed about her health

Kate Middleton 'depressed' over uncle's appearance on 'Celebrity Big Brother' – what he revealed about her health.


“Where is Kate?” is one of the most asked questions in recent days after theories and speculations surrounding Kate Middleton’s health state have blown up on social media.

Many assume that she’s not spending her time at her home, the Adelaide Cottage on the grounds on Windsor, but at another place. However, as the Palace refuses to provide any details, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the media is picking up whatever story that comes on their way.

As Kate is still recuperating, a photo of her emerged online a few days ago. It was shared by the American media outlet TMZ, but no British newspaper shared it. Kate could be seen inside a car, sitting at the passenger seat. She was together with her mother. Some believed the photo was staged because the Princess wanted to give the public a peace of mind. Experts claim that if that was the case, Kate would have posed in front of the car, not inside of it.

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At the time being, experts claim that there is another thing that bothers Kate, and that’s her uncle’s appearance in the UK version of Celebrity Big Brother. Kate wasn’t happy with the idea of him being exposed to the public to that extent and now that he’s officially a participant, Kate is said to be “depressed” over it.

Gary Goldsmith entered the Big Brother house on Monday morning, March 4.

If you are a fan of these sorts of shows, you know that every second of every day is broadcast and that viewers can see and hear almost everything.

Before entering the house, Goldsmith gave several but he didn’t speak of his niece. Once inside, however, he spoke to fellow contestants Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne on the rumors about Kate’s health, saying that people should leave her alone.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – MAY 04: (EMBARGOED FOR PUBLICATION IN UK NEWSPAPERS UNTIL 24 HOURS AFTER CREATE DATE AND TIME) Catherine, Princess of Wales arrives for visit to the Dog & Duck pub in Soho to hear how it’s preparing for the Coronation Weekend on May 4, 2023 in London, England. (Photo by Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images)

“I think they should leave her alone right now because there’s a reason why they’re [family] not talking about it, and they are giving her a little bit of space. I just think it’s fundamentally wrong and if it was happening to anybody else they would think to give them some space. But because Kate’s Kate, she does such an amazing job, there’s always interest in her,” Goldsmith said.

“She’s the number one royal for a reason and I just beg people to give her some space. I do think that they’re changing the dynamic and they are family centric. They’ve got duty and it’s a privilege to have the roles that they do have, but it’s family first. You’ve got to look after yourself. You put your own oxygen mask on before you look after others. Kate, get well, love you and when you’re ready we’ll see you again. That’s what we do to anyone else, why not her?”

He later revealed that he had spoke to Kate’s mother, his sister, about his niece’s health.

“I spoke to her mum; she’s getting the best care in the world,” he said. “She’s amazing, she will be back, of course, she will.”

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Goldsmith didn’t reveal where Kate is.

“Because she doesn’t want to talk about… The last thing I’m going to do is.. there’s a kind of code of etiquette. If it’s announced, I’ll give you an opinion.” Kate’s uncle said, as per the Sky.

“I spoke to her mum, my sister, she’s getting the best care in the world. And all the family’s done is put the wagons round and look after family first before anything else. They put a statement out and just said ‘she’s taking some time to recoup and will see you in Easter.’”

The Palace didn’t provide a comment regarding Kate’s uncle’s participation in the reality show. As of him, he said he didn’t ask nor he needed anyone’s permission.

Goldsmith could be heard saying that he would never do anything that would embarrass his niece, but still, neither Kate nor the Palace seem to be at ease.

Royal expert Jennie Bond believes that the comments regarding Kate’s health would affect her mental state and that her uncle’s appearance on the reality show would make her “fragile” and “depressed,” and that it’s the “last thing she needs” as she continues her recovery.


According to Bond, even if Goldsmith doesn’t do anything embarrassing, his presence in the media can hurt the royals.

“I don’t think it’s a particularly close relationship and I don’t think he’s part of the ‘inner circle’ anymore – I think he’s increasingly been pushed outside that circle now. He’s very much a freelancer, doing what he wants,” she told the Mirror.

“Clearly, whatever’s happened to Catherine, she’s probably feeling fragile – mentally as well. To have a serious setback like this at the prime of your life, it must knock your confidence, and so she’ll be fragile at this stage in her recovery and to have this thrown at her. She must just be thinking, ‘Why, why, why did Uncle Gary have to do this? ‘I imagine she’s thoroughly depressed about it.”

Jennie Bond added, “I think that Gary comes from a good place in his heart. If he talks about her it’s – in his view – to give her side of the story, give her a mouth, a voice, when he knows she can’t off the back of allegations made of her. But I think it’s the last thing she’d want – if Catherine or William want to say anything, they will say it. They don’t need anyone else to, least of all someone within their own family – and they don’t have that strong connection anyway.”

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On Tuesday, Goldsmith became vocal about Harry and Meghan, claiming the former Suits star was a “stick in the spokes” and the one creating all the drama.

“I have the opinion that Harry was really, really, really loved, massively loved, and when they were a threesome Kate, William and Harry were really comfortable together, loved,” he said.

“And then suddenly there’s an extra dynamic that comes in, puts a stick in the spokes and creates so much drama that I don’t generally think is there, and rewrote the history and said how unhappy he was, and I just don’t think that’s fair. And then you can’t throw your family under a bus in such a dramatic style and then write books about it and expect to be invited round for Christmas,” Gary Goldsmith added.

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