Jerry Springer’s last promise and cause of death revealed

Jerry Springer has passed away aged 79. Cause finally revealed.


Jerry Springer, a journalist, actor, lawyer, former Cincinnati mayor, and the host of one of the most controversial talk shows, The Jerry Springer Show, died Tuesday at the age of 79.

Weeks prior to his passing, he posted a photo of himself on social media along with a heartbreaking promise.

His show, which aired for 27 years, turned him into a talk show titan known worldwide. It featured provocatively sensational topics such as infidelity and unusual fetishes and dysfunctional families. The show was so controversial that Springer himself once apologized for it saying it “ruined the culture.”

However, besides being dubbed “trash TV” by the critics, and even being ranked as the worst show of all time by TV Guide, the show has attracted millions of viewers.

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Just weeks before he died, Springer shared a final social media post from Tampa, Florida, where he attended the Rough Riders St. Patrick’s Parade. In the post, he shared with his followers that he had a great time, and added, “I’ll be back.”

Following his passing, a spokesperson for the family shared that the talk show host died peacefully at home after a “brief illness.” TMZ has reported that Springer suffered from pancreatic cancer, which was later confirmed by a person close to the family. Rabbi Sandford Kopnick of The Valley Temple in Cincinnati said that Springer’s illness came on suddenly and that he passed away from cancer, which he had not been diagnosed with for an extended period of time, as per People Magazine.

“Jerry’s ability to connect with people was at the heart of his success in everything he tried whether that was politics, broadcasting or just joking with people on the street who wanted a photo or a word,” Jene Galvin, a family spokesperson and friend of Springer’s, said in a statement, per AP. “He’s irreplaceable and his loss hurts immensely, but memories of his intellect, heart and humor will live on.” 

The Jerry Springer Show Instagram shared a tribute to the late host with Springer’s famous sign-off catchphrase: “Take care of yourself and each other.”

Many of his fans sent messages of condolences by commenting under Springer’s last social media post.

“Thank you for decades of entertainment,” one user wrote.

“He basically raised me on sick days and days I didn’t feel like going to school,” another said.

Rest in peace, Jerry Springer, you will never be forgotten.

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