‘It’s a blessing cake’ – Adopted boys break down over 1st ever birthday celebrations

'It’s a blessing cake' - Adopted boys break down over 1st ever birthday celebrations.


Our birthday is that special day of the year that reminds us that we are still alive and we have a lot to be thankful for.

The truth is, however, that not everyone gets to celebrate their birthday like this. For many, having a birthday cake is just a dream that is hard to be fulfilled.

Abraham and James Walker, who were brought up in Siera Leone and experienced tough childhood while growing up never had the chance to blow candles on a birthday cake. Fortunately, that was about to change.

They boys used to live on the streets before they ended up in an orphanage, but luckily, they were adopted by an incredibly loving family from the United States. Needless to say, their lives changed completely, and now, each new day is a new adventure for them.

According to their adoptive mother Jamie who resides in Charlotte, North Carolina, from the moment her boys entered their new home, to the first ever presents they received, “everything is magic to them.”

However, the most magical moment of all, which caught the attention of a huge number of people, was when Abraham got to celebrate his birthdays with a real cake.  

“This was the moment I knew he’d been waiting for,” Jamie wrote. “His very first birthday cake. One for just him. One with his name on it.”

Jamie posted a video of the heartwarming moment Abraham sees his mom walking in with his birthday cake. He’s shocked at first and then with tears of joy running down his face, he rushes towards his dad’s arms to give him a warm and long hug.

“When I see the cake, I thought that is the most beautifulest thing I’ve ever seen,” Abraham said. “It’s not just a birthday cake. It’s a blessing cake.”

His siblings are also there to share this precious moment with their brother, including James who was about to get his very own cake a few weeks later.

Considering James’ more “serious” personality, Jamie believed his reaction won’t be as emotional as that of her brother, but she was so wrong.

“The most intense hug I’ve ever had,” Jamie wrote. “I could feel his joy, his gratitude, his hope, his love, his everything. It was all there wrapped around me.”

Abraham’s and James’ genuine reactions remind us that we should learn how to be happy with little things in life because they are what make living worthwhile.

We are so happy for these boys and we are glad they finally live the life they always deserved.

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