Interracial couple says hateful stares and comments only make them stronger

They have been together ever since college and have a baby daughter together.


I live for the day when people won’t judge one another based on their physical appearance, skin color, culture, or religious beliefs. Sadly, as time passes by and years go on, it looks like the racism and the hate are even more present and make this world an ugly place.

Luckily, there are those people who break down barriers and give us hope that things can get brighter in the future.

Brady and Asharel are an interracial couple. They have been together ever since college and have a baby girl together. Their love grows stronger with each passing day and they both say they have found their soulmate in one another.

Sadly, the society isn’t always embracing the interracial relationships and things get hard at times, but this incredible couple knows how to deal with the stares and the glares.

Sharing their life story with Love What Matters, Asharel says: “As an interracial couple, we have learned to ignore some people while out in public. The glares and hateful stares have never bothered my husband and I, but we definitely notice it. We have been together for so long and have come so far in our relationship that we just laugh, and talk about how ridiculous people are in 2020 to still judge an interracial couple.”

Now that they have a daughter, they say they will teach her how to love everyone equally, no matter the color of their skin. “We will teach her to know the color of someone’s skin does not define who they are,” Asharel adds.

We say that Brady and Asharel are awesome together and we are happy they have found each other.