Imposter cop pulls van over and finds it filled with real police detectives

This definitely wasn't his brightest moment but it sure was fun for the rest of us. This is sweet justice at its best.


They say crime doesn’t pay and the following story certainly proves it. Well, the truth is that whenever we come up with a plan, we usually give it some thought. However, not every plan which sounds perfect inside our head can be executed the way we hope.

One day, what seemed to be a brilliant idea popped up in the head of a 25-year-old New Yorker named Valiery Portluck. He decided to put on a police uniform and pull cars over. He then sat in his black car which had emergency lights on it and stood by the road. As he noticed a van approaching, he blared his air horn and hoped the vehicle would pull over.


Well, that’s exactly what happened. But instead of making some money by pretending to be a real cop, Portluck got himself in big trouble. It turned out that the people inside the van were real detectives.

The Nassau County law enforcement officers couldn’t have been happier to see him, though.

In fact, they were looking for him as they received an anonymous call about a man on the side of the road impersonating an officer.

Source: YouTube/HAIL NEWS

The moment he realized he did a mistake and that his scam was revealed, Portluck tried to escape but was caught after a short but an intensive chase.

This not so bright criminal was charged with three violations, first-degree criminal impersonation, second-degree reckless endangerment, and unlawful fleeing from a police officer.

Source: YouTube/HAIL NEWS

His neighbors told the police that he was suspicious. Couple of days before he was arrested, Portluck was seen installing flashing lights on his car.

His plan backfired on him and he ended up in jail.

Source: YouTube/HAIL NEWS

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