If Your Kids Have Been Asking For A Pet, Here Are 6 Reasons You Should Say Yes

These are just a few of the benefits why you should give your child a resounding YES if they ask for an animal buddy. 


If your kids grow up around a dog or any other pet, then you have no idea how lucky both you and your little ones are.

Having a pet means having a best friend for life. Except for being friendly, pets teach kids lots of valuable things, such as how to be responsible. Above all, animals are happiness and sharing your home with one means days filled with laughter and fun.

These are just a few of the benefits why you should give your child a resounding YES if they ask for an animal buddy.

1. Pets teach responsibility.

Getting a pet means making sure they are well taken care of. That includes feeding them on time and cleaning after them. If the kids get on the tasks of keeping the pets happy and clean, it means they will turn into responsible human beings.

2. Kids with pets have fewer allergies.

Some parents believe that exposing their newborn babies to animals is equal to exposing them to the animal’s dirt and bacteria. But few know that it actually helps in the early development of the little ones’ immune system. It also means that babies that are surrounded by pets early in life are less likely to suffer from allergies later.

3. Animals relieve stress.

Many animals, mainly dogs, are assigned to people in order to help them deal with trauma.

Whenever you feel pressured and stressed, service animals are there to provide you with comfort and take the negative feelings away.

Children who grow up around animals are experiencing less stress than those who don’t own a pet, so these kids grow up to be happier and healthier individuals.

These furry companions do more than you'd think.

4. Kids will get more exercise.

Keeping a pet, especially a dog, requires taking them for regular walks. This means the kids owning one get more exercise than the rest of their peers who don’t own a pet. Keeping themselves active helps children be healthier.  It also reduces the risk of childhood obesity.

5. Kids become better readers.

Many kids struggle with their reading. In order to master this skill, one needs constant practice. However, as many feel embarrassed to read in front of other people, reading to their pets out loud results in having fun and improving literacy all at once.

6. Kids develop a sense of compassion.

By taking care of their pet, kids develop a sense of compassion. When the animal is not feeling well, let’s say, the little ones are there to give them belly rubs, kisses, hugs, and pat them on the head. This way they learn that treating others with kindness results in happy pets. This gives them feeling of satisfaction so they will treats humans the same way, with respect.

Some families are prevented from owning a pet because of allergies or other medical conditions.

But in case you decide to open the doors of you home and your heart to a sweet creature, you have to know it takes responsibility and you have to do your best to keep them happy and healthy.

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