If you see your child covering their nose in group photos, you had better know what it means

If you see your child or grandchild covering their nose in a photo, you had better know what it means.


Social media sites that are widely used by millions of people on a daily basis serve as a melting pot of creativity, connectivity, and cultural exchange. For the youngsters, they might be a source of income and a place where they can have fun and entertain themselves.

Currently, the most popular online trends are the social media challenges. These viral activities or dares capture the attention of users on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter, inspiring them to participate and show off.

Like waves in a summer harvest, these challenges spread with remarkable speed, and while we may not personally engage with every trend out there, it’s more than certain that these phenomena shape young people’s behavior, even for a while.

Some such trends, like the ALS ice bucket challenge, are positive drivers of charity that lead to real-life changes within societies. Others, sadly, are quite dangerous, such as the challenge that involves inhaling dangerous gases or solvents that cause a high.

And now, we present to you one of the most recent trends that involves young people and group photos.

Credit / instagram – Paris Fury

The trend, known as ‘nose covering,’ includes covering a large portion of the face with your hand so that your face doesn’t appear in the photo. This sounds strange, and honestly, maybe a bit foolish, but it’s a thing among the youngsters.

At first, some believed that those following this trend were sending some secret message to one another, but according to British parenting expert Amanda Jenner that’s not the case.

Speaking to Fabulous, she explained, “Using covers is the only way they can remove themselves without actually upsetting their parents by refusing to be in the photo.

“We as parents want and insist on capturing the moment but to a teenager this is a big deal. Teenagers go through a period of not embracing their appearance, i.e. could be spots, braces, or they just have a time in their lives where they have no self confidence.”

Credit / instagram – Paris Fury

Jenner emphasized that covering one’s nose could be particularly significant for young individuals who feel anxious about their image being shared online by their peers.

“Their peers can often share the photo and make fun of it which is very harmful to their confidence also resulting in harmful comments which can lead onto other issues,” she said.

Jenner has a message for the parents whose children follow this trend. “Remember that this phase is a normal part of growing up, where seeking independence and establishing personal boundaries are key developmental milestones.”

What are your thoughts on these trends?

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