I caught my mom trying to sleep train my baby

What the woman did after her mother tried to sleep train her baby is in the link in the comments.


Parenting shaming is something real, and sadly, many moms and dads, especially those who are having a baby for the first time, experience this. Somehow, everyone believes they know better how a child should be raised than those who gave the little bundle of joy life.

A woman shared a traumatizing story of her mother trying to sleep train her baby against the woman’s will by locking it inside the room.

The truth is that most babies cry, most times without a reason, and although it can be truly tiring to try and calm them down over and over again, every parent has a different approach towards this ‘issue.’

The grandmother from this story believed she needed to sleep train her granddaughter against the will of the mother of the baby. Sadly, that cause the relationship between her and her daughter to turn into a rocky one.

When the baby, Lila, was born, everyone was eager to meet her, and that included her maternal grandparents. However, they both had certain health issues. The grandma had undergone a knee replacement surgery, while the grandpa had eye issues, so they couldn’t drive long ways and lived hours apart.

So, around three months later, baby Lila and her parents went to visit her maternal grandparents.

However, Lila’s crib couldn’t pass through the door to the guest room where her parents were supposed to sleep, but that wasn’t an issue according to her mom because the guest room and the other room were next to each other and with Lila “having a set of lungs on her” her parents knew they would hear her right away if she starts to cry.

“We made our peace with it as the spare and guest room are next to each other and she’s so loud we didn’t doubt we’d be able to hear her. Sure enough, Friday night, there are 3 total crying sessions to deal with [sic],” Lila’s mom, who’s sharing this story, wrote.

The following day, the grandma suggested that they sleep train Lila, but the mom was against it because she believed she was way too young to be let to cry out.

Still, during the night, when the baby started crying and her mom went to calm her down, she noticed the door to the room was closed. When she went to her mom to ask her for the key, she said she wouldn’t give it to her because it was for the best to let the baby cry out and sleep train.

After some arguing, the woman went to her father, Lila’s grandpa, and asked him to talk to his wife. Following an argument, the grandma gave her daughter the key but called her a “helicopter parent,” claiming it wasn’t the right thing to pick her baby up whenever she starts crying.

The woman decided she would no longer visit her mother if that visit requires staying there overnight.

Sharing this story, the woman also noted that her baby was born prematurely and was three moths old, which was way too early to be sleep trained and left alone in a room.

The Reddit users who responded to this post believed that the grandmother didn’t do the right thing. For one, she shouldn’t have get involved in her daughter’s parenting decisions, and she shouldn’t have locked her granddaughter inside the room.

“That your mother actually had the audacity to lock the room is a gross violation of your trust in her. The consequences are yours – as her parents – to decide about,” one person said.

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