Husband and wife of 67 years die within hours of each other

Husband takes last breath with wife by his side their daughter finds out a hidden detail as time went on ❤


True love is hard to find, so when you stumble upon it make sure you never let it go.

Floyd and Violet met when they were teenagers. They felt instant connection and somehow knew they were meant for one another, but after graduation, Floyd enlisted in the Navy and the two lost touch.

Some years later, their paths crossed again and they never let go of one another.

Floyd and Violet tied the knot on August 16, 1947, moved to a ranch in California, and welcomed three children together.

These two were in love with one another their entire lives. They never spent a day separated and stood by each other’s side through thick and thin.

Speaking of the beautiful union of her parents, the couple’s daughter, Donna, said: “I think what we think most of them is how hardworking they were. They worked side by side cutting cotton, feeding turkeys, supporting each other and supporting children. And you felt like they had a connection, and I think that connection came more and more, especially in the last months of their lives.”

When they reached old age, Floyd’s and Violet’s health started deteriorating. Although he had a hard time walking, Floyd always found the strength to help his loving wife.

Donna recalled that one day she brought her parents to the doctor’s and her father said: “I’m fine. I want her fixed,” referring to Violet.

Over time, Floyd experienced kidney failure and doctors told the family he only had weeks to live. Wanting him and Violet to spend the last days of his life together, they brought her to the hospital to see him. Floyd was in pain, so nurses placed Violet in the bed next to Floyd’s and joined the beds together. Floyd and Violet held hands when he left this world. Just a couple of hours later, she passed away, too.

“We felt blessed because that’s what they wanted,” Donna said in tears. “It was meant to be, and that’s the only way it could end.”

Floyd and Violet were married for 67 years before they both said the final goodbye in 2015.

Many people who came across this touching story couldn’t help but share their thoughts on the everlasting love between Floyd and Violet. “May they rest in peace. What a beautiful story. Respect…..isn’t this what we all aim for…?” one person wrote. “This is something I treasure about true love….it never ends, not even in death,” another person added.

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