Homeless dog carried a bundle in his teeth – That day he became a hero

And so, next to the garbage can, the dog heard an unusual squeak that resembled the meowing of kittens. The dog came closer and noticed the bundle, took it, and dragged it with him...


Dogs are those special creatures who make our lives a bit better and much more fun.

One stray dog from Thailand was dubbed a hero and was given a lifeguard collar. Hopefully, he will soon find the forever home he deserves.

One day, as this dog was walking around the streets hoping to find something to eat, he got near a trash can. There, among the garbage was a bundle. The dog probably heard a squeaky sound which probably resembled kitten meowing to him. The dog took the bundle in his mouth and left. No one knows how long he was carrying that bundle before he stopped in front of a house and started barking.

The people living in the house were disturbed by the loud noise and got outside. What they saw left them in complete shock. In the bundle the dog had next to him was a newborn baby that could barely breath. The woman called the ambulance and the little one was immediately taken to the hospital where he stayed in the intensive care unit.

Had it not been for this dog, the little baby could have certainly died.

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