Homeless couple receives backlash for saying employment is not for them

This homeless couple has sparked intense criticism online after saying they have no plans to get a job, because they are "too smart for that." They've even set up a GoFundMe to receive donations... What do you think? Check comments.


Unconventional life choices are not uncommon, but the ones involving homelessness generate debate and criticism. While some might see the decision to live in a tent as a rejection of societal norms, others may view it as a valid expression of autonomy and self-sufficiency.

The reasons why individuals or couples might choose to live in a tent instead of pursuing traditional work or housing can be various. It could be due to economic circumstances, personal preferences, a desire for freedom from societal expectations, or even a commitment to environmental sustainability.

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A couple documenting their tent life have stirred controversy and garnered criticism from various quarters. “Homelessness isn’t wrong if you’re looking at it from our perspective,” they say.

Leland Brown Jr. and Breanna, residents of Hatfield, Pennsylvania, USA, attracted attention when they started advocating for using the term “houselessness” instead of “homelessness.” In a video they shared from their tent, they claimed that “houselessness is flex” and emphasized the survival skills they’ve developed through their non-traditional living arrangements.

Their perspective has sparked debate among their 178,000 TikTok followers who questioned their advocacy for street living.

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While some of their followers supported their lifestyle, others expressed their doubts about it.

Amid the heated discussion, the couple started a GoFundMe page to help them sustain their minimalist lifestyle. So far, they’ve raised just $162 of their $10,000 goal which they plan on using in order to reach financial stability and be able to spend more time with Leland’s son.

How the couple ended up being homeless remains unclear. However, while older videos posted on Leland’s social media accounts show him holding jobs at various locations and even residing in a house, his recent statements suggest his and his partner’s reluctance to pursue conventional employment.

Apparently, they are in no hurry of landing regular jobs because they are “too smart for that.”

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Doubts have been raised by critics regarding the genuineness of this couple’s decisions, implying that their lifestyle is more about avoiding responsibilities rather than genuinely choosing homelessness.

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